Saturday, March 14, 2020

Steven Crane essays

Steven Crane essays Stephen was one of the many great literature authors. He wrote many great stories and got well known for them. Crane went through many events and struggles in his: early years, Born in Newark, New Jersey, on November 1, 1871, Stephen Crane was his parents' fourteenth and last child . His father, Dr. Jonathan Townley Crane, was a Methodist minister, as were his maternal grandfather and other relatives on both sides of his family. Dr. Crane's successive ecclesiastical appointments led the family to move in 1876 to Paterson, New Jersey, and in 1878 to Port Jervis, Crane attended the Hudson River Institute in Claverack, New York, Crane later maintained that he wrote his first major work of fiction, Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, in two days just before Christmas of 1891. Also in early 1893, Crane wrote a first version of what would become The Red Badge of Courage. This novel, his masterpiece, was published in 1895 in both the United States, where it became a bestseller, and England, where it also attracted a great deal of positive notice. In 1895 appeared The Black Riders, the first of Crane's two collections of free verse. In the last year or so of his life, Crane suffered from increasingly virulent attacks of tuberculosis, aggravated by a punishing work schedule. Stephen was then brought to a health spa at Badenweiler, Germany, where he died on June 5, 1900, at the age of twenty-eight. Stephen Crane made permanent contributions not only to the body of American literature but also to its very shape and direction. Stephen Crane wrote many great short stories and got well known for them. He also had many hard times and he had his good times. Crane is now gone but his stories will never be ...

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